▲Getting Provisional licence for motorbike . [日記]

Finally i m getting provisional licence for motorbike .

I got a leaner licence 1 years ago then I have to take a provisional licence for extending licence.

I cant take a licence in city because of booking so that i went to New castle for getting licence .


I woke up early at home then I took a train in the morning from central .

I think I took a train around 5 am . so there are not many people in the train .

It takes around 2 hours from Central to Newcastle .


I almost slept in train .

then after 2 hours i arrived to New castle .

I started procisional licence course from 8 am . I think there were 5 people at there for that .


Actually lecture is austlian so that its little bit hard to listen english .

but I passed the exam this time. after getting licence I went to back to sydney and it took 2 hours .

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